During the lockdown, I experienced as with many others, the hour-long queues to enter one of the main supermarket chains to buy essential supplies. For someone who was still gainfully employed during the lockdown, I knew this inconvenience was minimal compared with the individuals and businesses who were experiencing a sudden shut-down of income as a result of the pandemic.

As the lockdown continued I had plenty of time to notice how some supermarkets were no longer offering the same discounts, were offering undiscounted meat products for sale that were beyond their ‘Best Before’ dates and were cultivating an attitude that asked the general public to be kind and patient as they were doing the best they could to get the products we needed.  

With an unprecedented monopoly for essential supplies, the major supermarkets have continued to benefit during a time when other businesses have had to shut their doors and even let people go.

The vouchers then are a way to give thanks to those businesses that are just as essential to our communities – who haven’t been prioritised and still want our custom.

Check out this website as it lists businesses in need of your continued support. We are planning to feature some of these below. Perhaps you’ll see a favourite or maybe try something new – or feel like donating your voucher to a friend or whānau. When you email us your fog photos we will get in touch and then send you the voucher* details for your next visit.

Contact us on fogwalking2020@gmail.com

* We have a limited number of vouchers available so each successful participant will be entitled to one voucher only.

Featured business:


Moana Fresh is the smallest shop in Avondale if not Aotearoa. They represent 16 Pacific and Māori artists making a range of hot art and accessories. There is something for everyone there and they aim to make collecting and supporting local art and artists affordable and accessible. Their line up includes sculpture, prints, handmade ceramics, jewellery, coconut soap and hair accessories.

Ahilapalapa Rands and Vaimaila Urale are the two creatives behind Moana Fresh who have been working together for over 12 years making art, curating exhibitions, and presenting interactive public art projects. At the essence of their work is highlighting their Moana/Pacific heritage. Vaimaila was born in Sāmoa and Ahilapalapa has Hawai’i, Fijian, Samoan and Scottish heritage. Their kaupapa has always been grounded in raising the representation of Pacific artists in public and contemporary arts spaces.