Walking about in fog is an art project by Layne Waerea with a special guest appearance from Lana Lopesi.

Walking about in fog is part of a larger project – Walking About – which features a series of performative and participatory walks over a 12 month period that travel across Auckland with Te Hau a Uru – the West Wind. With this iteration timed for the month of June and a little bit of July – the last days of Autumn and the beginning of Winter – and the perfect conditions for walking in fog.

Walking about in fog started as a simple extension of the chasing fog club (Est. 2014). A chance to get outside and find fog to walk in. Take a photo, we post it to the blog/Facebook and Youtube, and then you receive some kind of reward for your participation. All simple and all free.

And then there was covid-19.

While the lockdown initially placed restrictions on our ability to move about in public – as far as this project was concerned, this allowed us the opportunity to change direction and to use Walking about in fog as not only a chance to be in fog – once the restrictions were lifted – but also as a round-a-bout way to show support for those whose work-life had been impacted by the pandemic and were now looking to rebuild after the lockdown.

It was the perfect time to bring in Lana Lopesi – an accomplished author and art critic and whose colourful graphics posted to the blog and in Phantom poster form throughout west Auckland provide moments of contemplation and fog-musings as she begins her apprenticeship as a fog walker.

And vouchers!

We have a limited number of vouchers for successful fog-walkers to use at a local cafe or business, some of which are featured on this website. Once your photos/video have been posted to walkingaboutinfog.com, we will contact you to see which business you would like to support. Choose one and let us know and we will send you a voucher. Check them out as they continue to need your support. Perhaps you will see a favourite, or want to try something new with a friend.

There’s only one catch. You have to walk in fog.*

Contact us on fogwalking2020@gmail.com

* We welcome fog from anywhere and at any time – and if you don’t live in (west) Auckland but still want to participate, consider donating your voucher to a friend or whānau.

** Walking about in fog has been made possible due to the amazing and enduring efforts of artists Christina Houghton and Melissa Laing co-curators of the original project Walking About and which is co-produced with Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery and the Auckland Council.

*** We’d also like to acknowledge Phantom Billstickers for supporting the adjoining poster campaign.

Lana Lopesi (Satapuala, Siumu, Pākehā) is a retired artist turned art critic and author of False Divides (2018). Previously Lana was at The Pantograph Punch where she served as the Editor-in-Chief (2017–2019) after a term as the Visual Arts Editor. Before that, she was Founding Editor of #500words (2012–2017) and Editor of Design Assembly (2018). Lana is currently a PhD Candidate at Auckland University of Technology.

Layne Waerea (Ngāti Wāhiao, Ngāti Kahungunu, Pākehā) is an Auckland based artist whose practice involves carrying out performance art interventions that seek to question and challenge social and legal ambiguities in the public sphere. As a former lawyer, Layne uses this experience to inform her performance interventions with a particular focus on how te Tiriti o Waitangi (1840) could continue to play a critical role in the developing cultural fabric of Aotearoa New Zealand. Dr Layne Waerea works in the AUT Law School, is a researcher in the School of Art and Design, and is the current president of the chasing fog club (Est. 2014).